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iPhone recovery of dataI took at phone call from a friend last night whose pal at work had asked her if she knew anyone who could help with their broken iPhone. They had unfortunately dropped it at the weekend and now couldn’t get at their data, they were looking to have the phone repaired, but my friend said on most cases it’s the data that people need back which means they need to find a service that retrieves their data rather than one that just returns the phone to it’s factory settings.

Here’s the question:
We have a broken iPhone 6 (dropped) which appears dead and looking for data recovery and possible repair (before otherwise returning to Apple). Can you give me an idea of cost range?, I am in the UK, near to Leeds.

Thanks for the question, but before you dash head long into finding a data recovery service that can rescue the files from your damaged iPhone, stop and consider that you may be able to retrieve the data yourself. There are a lot of pages on the internet offering help and advice about how to fix your iPhone, such as http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-from-iphones/ and Apple’s own advice at https://www.apple.com/uk/support/iphone/repair/. That said, the Apple site offers very little in the way of decent advice at all, but it’s worth knowing the link anyway.

Most damaged phones no longer turn on properly and get to their home screen. They either report an error and ask you to connect to iTunes or don’t get past the Apple logo when powered on. Phones like this are either bricked of stuck in recovery mode. If you need to data recovered from your iPhone, taking it to a phone shop is the last thing you want to do, they will return your phone to factory settings and hand it back with a smile saying it’s all fixed. Well, it is working again for sure, but your data has disappeared, and because of the nature of the iOS operating system that works as a ‘journal’, it’s tidies up after itself which means that remnants of data are death with a swept away. This is not good when the goal you are trying to achieve it to restore your data.

The good thing about engaging the services of a data recovery company or a ‘phone recovery company’ is that they can provide facilities that repair shops can not. In the UK, phone recovering companies like the Data Clinic have the ability to remove memory chips from the phone’s mainboard and download the information to a computer that can then present the phone’s data. This is a procedure that is known as “chip off” or “off chip”, bit it’s not the only ace that Data Clinic have up their sleeve.

Another technique at their disposal is the use of jtag technology to read the information from the phone’s test ports. Jtag equipment is connected to test ports on the phone’s mainboard and the information from the memory chips downloaded in a similar fashion to the off chip process above. Jtag has the advantage that the memory chips do not have to be removed from the phone’s mainboard.

As you located near to Leeds, I suggest you have a chat with Data Clinic, who, according to their website have a location on Gelderd Road. They should be able to retrieve your phone’s files and provide you with advice regarding your problem.

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