Question time with Flembo

After their win yesterday in ATP Chennai Flemski have collected 45 points and move on to await their opponents in the quarter finals who will be the winners of 3rd seeds Bhupathi & Bopanna v Cerretani & Rettenmaier… Meantime Flembo found some time to answer some questions on 2009 and 2010….


What are your feelings on 2009?

2009 was an amazing year for us as we not only broke into the top 100 for the first time but we finished the year pushing for the top 50. To win 2 ATP titles in the final 3 months of the year was a reward for the hard work we’ve put in together since becoming a team in November 2008 and the titles give us great optimism for 2010.


What are your ambitions for 2010?

Due to the success we had in 2009 we will start this year playing at ATP level more regularly and in all 4 of the Grand Slams. Our aim is always to work hard, keep improving and this year we will be aiming to breakthrough into ATP 500 and 1000 level events which we have never played before. Being consistent at ATP 250 level and playing our best in the Grand Slams will allow us to do this.


Thoughts on AEGON contracts?

We are both delighted to have the full backing of the LTA and AEGON as part of Team AEGON. This will give us the financial and technical support that will give us the best possible opportunity to achieve our goals and breakthrough to the next level.


What are your tournament plans?

2010 is going to involve a lot of travelling for us as we will be playing always in the biggest tournaments we can gain entry to so that we are playing for the most ranking points and also competing against the best doubles teams in the world.


What is your training schedule like?

Being on Team AEGON has allowed us to officially call Louis Cayer our coach which we’re delighted about so we will be travelling and training with Louis as much as we can. My base will still be at home in Linlithgow, training at Stirling University and Ken continues to be based in Liverpool. As we did last year we will continue to make use of the world class facilities at Roehampton.


What are your personal ambitions?

My personal ambition will always be to play regularly in the biggest tournaments in the world. To achieve this I aim to always work hard to become the best player I can be.


Will we see any singles play in tournaments?

As in all walks of life it is important to make a living! I will therefore set my schedule based on playing doubles in the biggest tournaments we can and sign in for singles qualifying whenever possible.


What’s your work/life balance?

Being a tennis player involves a lot of travelling, somewhere around 35 weeks a year. I will always get home whenever possible to switch of from tennis and spend time with my family and girlfriend Gemma. During tournaments I switch off from tennis by playing some serious Football Manager, managing my fantasy football team to great heights or by reading books or watching movies.


Thoughts on the Davis Cup?

As a team we would love to represent Great Britain in the Davis Cup. This would allow us to fulfil personal ambitions and also do our bit to help get the team back into Group 1.


And lastly, some personal facts:

–         Favourite food – My mums homemade lentil soup!

–         Favourite music – Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, U2, Snow Patrol…pretty eclectic taste!

–         Favourite TV – Entourage, Californication

–         Favourite player – Andre Agassi

–         Most feared opposition – Roger Federer

–         Best moment of 2009 – Winning our first ATP title together in Metz

–         Worst moment of 2009 – Losing in 5 sets in the first round of Wimbledon

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